5 Rules of How-Not-to-Hang-Art

You know the expression, “you can dress him up but you can’t take him out”? We are reminded of that whenever we see gorgeous art placed incorrectly in a room. We squirm at the site of it. Okay, that sounds a bit dramatic. But inside, we are nodding our heads in sheer disappointment. Why spend the money on wall decor without asking the questions about art placement? Hanging Art is not an instinct. You need to learn about it. Rather than a making a mistake (after you’ve purchased the art), take a quick look at these images below to learn a few of the “rules” about how, where and why Art is placed on the wall.

Yes, yes beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what you choose to hang on your walls is whatever you find to be beautiful. However, hanging your art too high is not so personal. There are “rules” and they are there for a reason. Measure your art from the center of the image to approximately 58″ off the ground and you will see where your art should hang (approximately eye level of the average person). The height of your ceiling has nothing to do with placement of art, unless you have crazy low ceilings with beams hanging off it. If that’s the case, you want to be sure the art is nowhere near your ceiling. Our designers believe that wall decor is a continuation of your furniture, which is why we try to compliment the colors in the room . With this in mind, do not hang your art so high above your furniture that it looks like it’s floating away. Keep the flow, hang art low.

Long walls with large couches look fabulous with art sets. These days, artists are creating multiple images to give you more coverage on your walls. There’s balance in the room as well. A set of lamps, matching pillows, two side tables and yes, 2 pictures.

Can you guess what your NOT supposed to do in this picture below? There are actually 2 no-no’s.  First, we always suggest choosing artwork that suits the room. Nothing romantic could come out of the bedroom with the Joker staring down at you. And second, vertical artwork is not ideal over furniture that has a horizontal edge below it.  It’s personal, ofcourse, but it is not as visually appealing.

You’re better off leaving this wall blank, than hanging this small, lonely artwork here. Panel art is meant for thinner wall space. Large walls love large art. Just look at the difference!

Think about the size of the furniture below the art before you decide how many pictures you should hang over it. This single artwork would be fine over the toilet. Two pictures would be great over the towel rack and 3 look fabulous over the bath.

There are so many questions that wall decor shoppers ask. We encourage you to post photos of your walls and ask us what-to-do or not-to-do before you-do-it. Helping you find art and hanging it beautifully on your walls is all part of what-we-do!

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