How Can Art Bring You Love & Money?

If I told you that Art, placed in strategic locations in your home or office, dorm or crack house would have the energetic capability to bring you hot romance, sick amounts of wealth, a kick ass promotion and quite possibly, win you the lottery, would you take a minute to read this blog? Art that can change your life to that degree, is Art that’s worth owning. If you don’t believe this is possible, then walk away now.

So, you’re a skeptic. You don’t really buy into this, but you’re not not. You are aware that Art on a wall makes the room come alive. But, it’s not just because of the the funky colors or cool symbols. There’s an energy that’s being “released”, which can make you feel really good and even change the elements around you. The Chinese call this energy, chi. Truth is, it doesn’t really matter what you call it, as long as you believe that it exists.

This powerful energy carries with it the ability to improve your finances, your health, your luck and even invite influential and resourceful people into your life. This last benefit never impressed me, until I was older. Attracting the right people, can often be all that you need in life to get ahead. Even if all you want to do is to fall in love. You gotta know someone who knows someone.

Let’s talk about this energy and how Art is a magnet for it. Why Art? It’s simple. The Chinese people have always believed that symbols and colors are magnetic, capable of channeling energy, encouraging positive vibes and eliminating negative ones. Art (unlike curtains and carpeting) has all these symbols and colors that are required. There is a name for this ancient philosophy. It is called Feng Shui, properly pronounced as “fung shway” (in case you want to tell someone about it and you don’t want to sound like an ignoramus).

Dude, the bottom line is, proof is in the pudding, I’ve been there, done that and at the end of the day, you should really think outside the box when it comes to Art. I can write more annoying expressions in one sentence, but I’ve clearly made my point. Art is not just another pretty picture. It can serve an incredible purpose in your life.
So, go ahead and give it a whirl. Ask yourself right now, which area of your life would you want to change? Because whether or not you believe that Art can make a difference in your life, you have to admit…there’s always room to improve it.

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