How to Decorate Large Walls with Art

I’m not going lie.

Bare walls irritate me. I stare at them and get annoyed. Am I crazy or just a wall décor wingnut?

I’m not alone here. There is definitely a universal need to cover walls, after all, we’re practically staring right at them. Unfortunately, the choice for wall coverage becomes the procrastinator. If we can’t find something we love, we’d rather have nothing at all. Personally, I make wall décor my mission. Once I have chosen my flooring or carpeting, paint color or wall paper, I begin to visualize art for my walls. Of course the furniture matters. I never said that I’d start buying the wall décor, but I certainly start to think about it! However, your art style usually relates to your furniture style – whether it’s traditional, modern or even rustic, it all goes hand in hand.

Large rooms with oversized walls really impacts every decorative piece. Often times, we see sectional couches, with gigantic foot stools or large sitting chairs and long, decorative tables. Either the room needs to be “divided” (by the placement of the furniture) or the furniture itself has to be grand enough to fill up large the space. With furniture bought and properly placed, the wall art ties it all together.

There are several different options that will beautifully cover the large walls in any room, whether its an enormous family room or a massive foyer with high ceiling. The best way to show you how to cover large walls with art is visually. Watch this video for 5 great ideas:


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