About FramedCanvasArt

We think we know a thing or 2 about Framing Art. But you be the judge.

20 Years ago we started selling inexpensive Art. Okay, it was downright cheap. But as is the case, people really love decorating their homes, they’re crazy about great value and we offered both. It wasn’t long before the demand for higher quality Art kicked in and we thought it was best if we took matters into our own hands. Yes, we’re “control freaks” but who says that’s a bad thing? We opened a small manufacturing facility, bought a few thousand feet of frame, began ordering gorgeous art prints from reputable publishers and the ball was rolling.

To date, we have sold millions of high quality, designer-inspired, ready-to-hang Art using only superior components. Our premium canvas is 10 mm thick, our fabulous frames range from 1″ to 4″ wide, in the most popular colors and our team of professionals who assemble it all are simply top-notch. (You might say that we’ve expanded from our humble beginnings.)

For those who care, we manufacture every framed, canvassed Artwork right here in North America. We’re not as cheap as the “imported” brands, but we stand behind our quality and most of all, we prefer to pay locals, rather than give good money away. We’re also not as expensive as our competitors, but you’ll figure that out for yourself. Funny enough, many customers ask if our Art has a frame! I assume it’s because our cost is so much lower than the “others”.  You can be sure that we do not sell posters or just prints. Everything we ship is ready-to-hang: expertly canvassed and beautifully framed.

The search for Art is never ending. We are always uploading new, trendy images because we know our online shopper is savvy, has great taste, knows quality and is proud of their home and office. You keep us on our toes.  You keep us in business (and we thank you).

We love to hear from you, we thrive on your feedback and most of all, on your home decor needs. Here’s the perfect place to tell us what you’re looking for. CustomerSupport is not a term we use likely. We are really, truly here for you.

Thanks for stopping by!

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