Signs, Signs, Everywhere is Signs…

What do you call art that is nothing more than words with a common theme, thrown together on a black or white canvas?  How about, “the hottest trend in wall decor?” You know art is cool when everyone wants to stop and stare at it. In this case, stop and READ it.  What is so fascinating about Signs that is making everyone want to buy them?

Many different versions of “Word Art” are popping up and most of them are variations of the old Subway Signs.  Included in this selection is the retro Parisian subway, known as the Metro or the vintage New York subway lines. There are remakes of old railroad signs from Chicago and Boston that are kicking around too.  If a popular city had any means of transportation, than it had Signs and for some funky, trendy reason, those signs are coming back big.

Thankfully, you don’t need the appropriate decor to hang a “Sign” on your wall, since most of them are black and white and go with anything. In fact, the trend of “mixing the old and the new” is so 2012, that these “old” signs in your “new” decor (or maybe the “new” sign in your “old” decor) really puts you on the map for having some serious home decor panache.

We’re loving this Sign thing. We’re taking it to a whole new level of visual or rather textual experience.  We believe that hanging Word Art or Typography Art (as the graphic designers refer to it) should resonate within your soul. It should speak to you, stir your emotions, warm your heart and maybe even choke you up.

We think a great Sign, one worth purchasing and hanging on your walls, should be both personal and familiar, it’s got to remind you of someone or something that you hold very dear to your heart. Whenever you walk by it, you just feel good. That’s what Art is about. It doesn’t always have fabulous colors or stunning brushstrokes. But it should certainly make you happy.

Find the Sign that you love or send us something very personal; a detailed event, a significant list, a memorable time line and we’ll create one for you.  Some day, someone will look at that Sign and although it might be vintage by then, it will definitely make them smile.

First, listen to this…then, check out our Signs:

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