There are 3 types of Wall Decor Shoppers. Which one are You?

“I’ll know it when I see it.”  This can be the most challenging customer. For one, I don’t believe that you have no idea what you’re looking for. Even though there are many artists, colors, themes and styles to choose from, you have your own sense of what “speaks” to you. To make shopping for Art easier and more enjoyable, begin by eliminating what you don’t like. This process narrows down your search and allows you to focus on what you do like. We understand how overwhelming this could be and so we’ve made it easy. Look around the site, visit the many Categories, sift through the various Colors and browse through the popular Artists. You will start to find images that feel good or as we say, “speak to you”. Remember, artwork is personal. You don’t need someone to tell you whether it works or not. Listen to your heart.

“There’s too much to choose from. It’s overwhelming.” Stay focused. You came searching for Art for a reason. Even if you have 20 blank walls, start with 1 room. If the colors are neutral, you should select a wall decor theme. Many people love scenerycitiesflorals and photography. Stay with what feels good. If you’re hooked on matching, then remember that neutrals work with every color. However, if you already have prominent colors chosen in your room, then find that color in our selection. Artists know how to mix their pallets so that they use complimentary colors. Find the wall decor categories and colors that you feel good about and then stay with those. Trust yourself. Rooms, like Rome, were not built (or designed) in a day. One room at a time is how you avoid being overwhelmed.

“I know exactly what I want.” You might think this is the easiest customer and sometimes they are. They have their mind set on something very specific, such as a medium-sizedpurpleabstract for their main bathroom. How do they know? They’ve done their homework and they’re all about the Trends in home decorating. They’ve flipped through piles of magazines, read dozens of websites, they’ve spoken to people and they have a great sense of decor style. But sometimes, this laser-focus mind set can be challenging. “I have a large wall, 25 feet in fact, and I want it covered with a fabulous (fill in the blank), but I don’t want to spend a lot of money.” We love Large Canvasses as much as the next person, but the variety is not huge, usually because the price tag is high and it’s not for everyone. Our solutions is to offer our customers Framed Art Sets and Wall Groupings, where the coverage is great and the choice of wall decor is…(drum roll please)…exactly what they had in mind!

What Type of Wall Decor Shopper Are You?

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